311 Lyrics

[Verse 1: Jordan Ward]
Damn, I’m alone again
But I don’t wanna call my friends (Call my friends)
‘Cause I don’t wanna bother them (Bother them)
These days, been so locked in (Locked in)
Studio, my crib, my head (My head)
Fell off, had to get my bread right (Get my bread)
Still no woman in my bed (Bed)
More and more bros on to the married life

[Chorus: Jordan Ward]
When the day is done, I still roll one up (I still roll one up)
And I wish you well, though we ain’t keepin’ in touch (We ain’t keepin’ in touch)
I’ll be back when I dig my mind out the mud (Dig my mind out the mud)
So afraid to fail that I ain’t movin’ in love

[Post-Chorus: Jordan Ward]
I been waitin’ out
For a long, long time
Hardly waitin’ out
Waitin’ out

[Verse 2: Gwenn Bunn]
Ooh, here wе go again
Will it all end? I just don’t know when
All in my head can’t hеlp myself, don’t know what it is (Don’t know what it is)
Feelin’ like I’m in over my head
Worried I might not know what’s next
Maybe I’ll try to deal with it instead

[Chorus: Gwenn Bunn]
Ooh when the day’s done, feel like I’m not doin’ enough (Doin’ enough)
Reminiscin’ on every time I’ve given up (Time I’ve given up)
Thinkin’ back when I went away and it’s all because (Away and it’s all because)
I’m so afraid to fail, probably just thinkin’ too much
Too much

[Post-Chorus: Gwenn Bunn]
I’ve been waitin’ out, mm
For a long, long time, mm
I’ve been waitin’ out

311 Lyrics – Jordan Ward & Gwen Bunn


Eli Heisler

Check Out   311 by Jordan Ward & Gwen Bunn. It Is A Brand New English Song Of Jordan Ward & Gwen Bunn. Its Classy Lyrics Are Written By    Jordan Ward & Gwen Bunn. Its Official Music Video Has Been Released On Mar 3, 2023. And Present On The YouTube Channel. And lyrics can be seen above here.

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