Aniplex Acquires Japanese ‘Kingdom’ Studio for Live-Action Works

In a groundbreaking move that marks a significant development in the anime industry, Aniplex, a prominent Japanese entertainment company, has recently acquired the renowned Japanese studio responsible for the hit anime series ‘Kingdom.’ The acquisition represents a strategic step by Aniplex to expand its portfolio and venture into the realm of live-action adaptations. This article delves into the details of Aniplex’s acquisition, highlighting the implications it carries for both the company and the wider anime community.

A New Horizon for Aniplex:

Aniplex’s acquisition of the ‘Kingdom’ studio signifies the company’s entry into the live-action adaptation market, a realm previously unexplored by the anime powerhouse. By broadening its horizons, Aniplex aims to leverage the immense popularity of the ‘Kingdom’ series and delve into the world of live-action adaptations. This strategic move demonstrates the company’s commitment to diversifying its content offerings and capturing a wider audience base.

The Appeal of ‘Kingdom’:

‘Kingdom’ is an immensely popular anime series based on the manga of the same name, created by Yasuhisa Hara. Set in ancient China during the Warring States period, the story follows a young orphan named Xin as he embarks on a journey to become the greatest general in history. With its gripping narrative, dynamic action sequences, and complex characters, ‘Kingdom’ has garnered a massive fanbase both domestically and internationally. The acquisition of the studio responsible for ‘Kingdom’ allows Aniplex to tap into this dedicated fan following and translate its success into live-action adaptations.

Enhancing the Live-Action Adaptation Market:

Aniplex’s foray into live-action adaptations is poised to have a significant impact on the genre itself. As a powerhouse in the anime industry, Aniplex brings with it extensive experience in storytelling, character development, and production quality. By leveraging their expertise, Aniplex aims to set a new benchmark for live-action adaptations, ensuring that the essence and integrity of the original anime are preserved. This move has the potential to raise the overall quality and credibility of live-action adaptations within the anime community.

Collaborative Opportunities:

The acquisition of the ‘Kingdom’ studio presents unique collaborative opportunities for Aniplex. With an extensive network of creators, voice actors, and animation professionals, Aniplex can bring together talented individuals from both the anime and live-action industries. By fostering collaborations between these two creative realms, Aniplex can create a synergy that transcends traditional boundaries, giving rise to exciting and innovative projects that cater to the diverse tastes of anime enthusiasts.

Global Expansion:

Aniplex’s acquisition of the ‘Kingdom’ studio also serves as a stepping stone for the company’s global expansion. By delving into live-action adaptations, Aniplex aims to reach a broader international audience that may have previously been less inclined to engage with anime. The recognition and success of ‘Kingdom’ as an anime series lay a solid foundation for introducing its live-action adaptations to a wider global market, potentially opening doors to new avenues and revenue streams for Aniplex.

The Future of Anime Adaptations:

The acquisition of the ‘Kingdom’ studio by Aniplex hints at a broader trend within the anime industry. As more companies explore live-action adaptations of popular anime series, the boundaries between traditional anime and live-action media continue to blur. This trend holds significant implications for the future of anime adaptations, signaling a shift toward multimedia approaches that encompass both animation and live-action formats. Aniplex’s acquisition of the ‘Kingdom’ studio exemplifies this evolving landscape and serves as a testament to the industry’s adaptability and willingness to explore new frontiers.


Aniplex’s acquisition of the ‘Kingdom’ studio marks a significant milestone in the anime industry, as the company ventures into the realm of live-action adaptations. By leveraging the success and popularity of ‘Kingdom,’ Aniplex aims to redefine the live-action adaptation market, bringing the essence of beloved anime series to life in new and exciting ways. This move not only expands Aniplex’s content offerings but also presents collaborative opportunities and paves the way for global expansion. As the boundaries between anime and live-action media continue to blur, Aniplex’s acquisition serves as a beacon for the future of anime adaptations, embracing multimedia approaches that cater to the diverse tastes of anime enthusiasts worldwide.

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