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Blissing Me Lyrics – Björk Meaning & Facts By (Singles). You Can Watch This Video On YouTube While The Lyrics Are Written By Björk. The Music Track Was Released Date :November 15, 2017.

Björk’s  lyrics in this song claw into the involved and evolving dynamics of a romantic relationship, using the shared passion for music as a background for the narrative. The verses paint a visual picture of the emotional trip endured by the supporter as she navigates the realms of love, desire, and tone– discovery. The lyrics are lyrical and introspective, study themes of relationshipdesire, and the transformative power of music.

[Verse 1: Björk]
All of my mouth was kissing him
Now, into the air, I am missing him
Is this excess texting a blessing?
Two music nerds obsessing

[Explanation of Verse 1]
The singer reflects on a romantic relationship where she was physically close to her partner, engaging in kisses. However, now there is a distance, and she wonders if their constant texting is a blessing or an excess. The reference to” two music nerds obsessing” suggests a participated passion for music between the couple.

[Verse 2: Björk]
He reminds me of the love in me
I’m celebrating on a vibrancy
Sending each other MP3s
Falling in love to a song

[Explanation of Verse 2]
The lyrics continue with the singer celebrating the love within herself and expressing it through a vibrant celebration. They change MP3s, indicating a deep connection through the sharing of music. Falling in love to a song becomes a significant motif.

[Verse 3: Björk]
This handsomest of wickermen
He asked if I could wait for him
Now, how many lightyears this interim
While I fall in love with his songs?

[Explanation of Verse 3]
The mention of the “handsomest of wickermen” suggests an attractive and possibly mysterious partner. The songster contemplates the time it takes for love to develop and the implicit waiting involved. The idea of falling in love with the mate’s songs adds a subcaste of emotional depth.

[Verse 4: Björk]
His hands are good in protecting me
Touching and caressing me
But would it be trespassing
Wanting him to be blissing me
Robbing him of his youth?

[Explanation of Verse 4]
The physical aspect of the relationship is explored, with the partner’s hands being described as protective and comforting. However, there’s a questioning of whether expressing a desire for more intimacy would be considered trespassing on the partner’s youth.

[Verse 5: Björk]
Cliffhanger like suspension
My longing has formed its own skeleton
Bridging the gap between singletons
Sending each others these songs

[Explanation of Verse 5]
The lyrics introduce a sense of suspension and craving, with the songster’s passions forming a shell that bridges the gap between two individualities. The act of sending each other songs becomes a way of maintaining a connection.

[Verse 6: Björk]
The interior of these melodies
Is perhaps where we are meant to be
Our physical union a fantasy
I just fell in love with a song

[Explanation of Verse 6]
The interior of melodies is suggested as a metaphorical space where the couple might belong. The physical union is described as a fantasy, and the songster acknowledges falling in love with a song, emphasizing the emotional power of music.

[Verse 7: Björk]
So, I reserve my own intimacies
I bundle them up in packages
My rawward longing far too visceral
Did I just fall in love with love?

[Explanation of Verse 7]
The singer reflects on the intimacy of her feelings, packaging them up, and considering whether her intense longing is too visceral. The question arises if she has fallen in love with the conception of love itself.

” Blissing Me” is a complex disquisition of love and connection in the digital age, where music plays a central part in forging and maintaining emotional bonds. The lyrics claw into the colorful layers of a romantic relationship, including physical magnet, emotional closeness, and the part of participated interests, particularly a collective love for music

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