Bodies x Bankrolls Lyrics

[Intro: YTB Fatt]
Ayy, Vato, come here, Vato
Huh? Yeah

[Verse 1: YTB Fatt]
I got that shit in my pocket, I’m ready to spend it, fifteen thousand
I’m in a Redeye off the liquor, we had a tequila shower (Take a shot)
I got this shit on my neck, this shit hurt
These niggas I’m with, they’ll shoot somethin’ at work
Bro got the trap goin’ crazy
Shit got for real, they ain’t missin’ shows on the first
I really hang with niggas that’ll steal your car and have models cookin’ up some work
I’m talkin’ ’bout ass-naked, I put this shit on my back like it hurt
I shot out like a rocket ship, I want a bad bitch, yeah, I won a championship
We can’t blow this cover, what’s the rules?
Slam on the door, tell the hoes no phones in here
I got this shit in my mouth, feel like stones in here
I’m in a millionaire meeting, I belong in here
I meant multi-million, yeah, aight

[Verse 2: Sett]
I still hang with niggas that steal cars
I made a model bitch put her heels on
She better not pull off on her hair, tryna call Crook when I’m smackin’ her rear
Dope boy status, I’m that nigga, they already know that I move with killers
I’m loaded, boy, I really got scrilla
Call my blitz and the fox come get you
In the scope, but the bottles ain’t hit him
You trippin’, I already spent your ticket
Your numbers ain’t addin’ up, nigga
You can give that shit up, tryna at me, nigga
Before a nigga take somethin’ from me
Nigga be sleepin’, the thirty’ll kill ’em
I been hood rich ‘fore my deal
Stealin’ these cars, ten get you killed
He in love, boy favin’ his bitch
She settin’ shit up, she gettin’ us lit
Shake another hand, nobody done moved
And a nigga know that I’m crushin’ his bitch
See, how I murder love with lil’ shawty
She already know, put that shit in my hand
P, I ain’t got no P card dance
Labels be trippin’, up my advance
Hits on hits, I ain’t gotta plan
How many niggas got hit whenever I spinned? (Ooh)
FattCrook after that Fatt
He ain’t got no lick back
He smelly, that boy gotta shit in a bag
Any nigga city, nigga, I got rank
My status, CEO, nigga, I’m that

[Verse 3: YTB Fatt]
I sold a hit ‘fore I first sold a gram
I told the ho put that shit in my hand
Nigga, my hood wired off my advance
I put that shit on his head for my mans
Bodies and bankrolls
If I want his life, I ain’t callin’ the foxes
I’ma just drop the cheese off to Vato
I’ma remind you pussies
Foxes and boppas, nigga, got real killers on the payroll

Bodies x Bankrolls Lyrics – YTB Fatt & Sett

Bodies x Bankrolls

Ben Mari  prod by tony2loud.

Check Out   Bodies x Bankrolls by YTB Fatt & Sett. It Is A Brand New English Song Of YTB Fatt & Sett. Its Classy Lyrics Are Written By    YTB Fatt & Sett. Its Official Music Video Has Been Released On Aug 8, 2023. And Present On The YouTube Channel. And lyrics can be seen above here.

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