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Come Over (Again) Meaning & Facts By (Singles). You Can Watch This Video On YouTube While The Lyrics Are Written By Olivia Kettle, Harry Berens, Amy Woodall & Holly Minto. The Music Track Was Released Date :Oct. 29, 2021

The lyrics depict a narrative that revolves around  topics of  raw material use,  joins, and tone-  note .  Here’s a breakdown of the different sections:

Explanation of Intro

Come Over( Again) cast by Olivia Kettle, Harry Berens, Amy Woodall, and Holly Minto, is a emotional inquiry of unions and tone- reflection. The song navigates themes of raw material use and desire, drawing listeners into a lyrical geography put by the mutual bents of its fathers.

[Verse 1]
Fall asleep with a lighter in your hand
You can’t fake it, that’s telling
Smoke so much you can’t even stand
Tell your dad that it’s weed he’s smelling
I don’t, I won’t, I guess
You’re too young to know her
I think I’ll go to sleep
I won’t think about you
Until I think about when you tell me

Explanation of Verse 1
The opening lines suggest a person falling asleep with a lighter in hand, possibly indicating a lifestyle involving smoking or drug use. The lyrics mention not being  suitable to fake  commodity,  maybe  suggesting to authenticity.  There’s a reference to smoking so much that one can’t stand, and a playful interaction with a father about the smell of weed.

[Chorus 1]
Come over again
Come over again

Explanation of Chorus 1
The chorus is a simple and repetitive invitation for someone to “come over again,” creating a sense of longing or desire for the presence of someone special.

[Verse 2]
Smoking through the window, see the lights
They’re always dimmer when you’re stoned
Chained by your expectations I want you to know
I see how you used to be before you knew me
I’m just so sick I can’t even look at myself
It’s a mental hell when you said

Explanation of Verse 2
The second verse describes the act of smoking through a window and how things seem different when one is under the influence. There’s a mention of being chained by expectations, implying the pressure of living up to certain standards. The narrator expresses  mindfulness of how someone used to be before knowing them . The mention of being sick and unable to look at oneself suggests a struggle with self-perception.

[Chorus 2]
Comе over again
(And you said)
Come over again
(And you said)
Comе over again
(And you said)
Come over again

Explanation of Chorus 2
Similar to the first chorus, it repeats the invitation for the person to “come over again.”

Take her name out of your mouth
You don’t deserve to mourn
You just love the attention
Or do you get bored?
You like the power you have
Hope you get caught in the law
Do you think that you’re happy?
Just wait till you’re sure
Pity she’s a whore
And you said

Explanation of Bridge
The bridge takes a darker turn, advising someone to take a person’s name out of their mouth, indicating a sense of disrespect or detachment. The lyrics touch on seeking attention, feeling bored, enjoying power, and potentially facing consequences (getting caught in the law). The lines “Pity she’s a whore” suggest judgment and disdain.

[Chorus 3]
Come over again
(And you said)
Come over again
(And you said)
Come over again
(And you said)
Come over again
Come over again
Come over again
Come over again
Come over again

Explanation of Verse 3
The third chorus reiterates the invitation for the person to come over again. The  reiteration of this expression throughout the song emphasizes the desire for connection or conciliation.

InterpretationThe lyrics  feel to explore the  difficulties of  connections, the impact of substance use, and the internal struggles of  tone- perception. The assignation for someone to come over may  represent a desire for closeness or resolution in a relationship. The ground introduces a darker and  further critical perspective,  intimating at conflicts and judgment within the dynamic

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