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The latest installment in the Detective Conan film franchise, titled “Black Iron Submarine,” has made waves in the anime industry, achieving a remarkable feat by selling a staggering 9 million tickets within just two months of its release. This article delves into the details of this monumental success, exploring the film’s captivating storyline, the factors contributing to its popularity, and the impact it has had on the Detective Conan fan base.

The Plot of Black Iron Submarine

The article begins by introducing the storyline of “Black Iron Submarine.” The film revolves around the renowned high school detective, Conan Edogawa, and his friends as they embark on a thrilling adventure on a mysterious submarine. The plot delves into the discovery of a hidden treasure, a legendary pirate, and a web of secrets that must be unraveled before it’s too late. The captivating narrative and the seamless integration of suspense and action contribute to the film’s appeal.

The Detective Conan Film Franchise

Under this heading, the article provides an overview of the Detective Conan film franchise. It highlights the franchise’s history, spanning over two decades and boasting a loyal fan base. The article mentions the consistent success of previous films and emphasizes the significance of “Black Iron Submarine” surpassing the ticket sales records set by its predecessors.

Marketing Strategies and Promotional Campaign

This section explores the marketing strategies employed to promote the film. It discusses the various promotional activities, such as trailers, teasers, and poster releases, along with the utilization of social media platforms to generate buzz. The article also examines the collaboration with popular brands and the engagement of voice actors in interviews and fan events, all of which contributed to the film’s hype and generated immense interest among anime enthusiasts.

Fan Anticipation and Reception

Here, the article delves into the fans’ anticipation and response to “Black Iron Submarine.” It explores the Detective Conan fan base, its dedication, and the role it played in spreading word-of-mouth recommendations. The article highlights fan theories, discussions, and excitement leading up to the film’s release, which further contributed to its initial success. It also examines the fans’ reactions and reviews, focusing on their appreciation for the engaging plot, stunning visuals, and the nostalgic charm that the franchise embodies.

International Success and Market Expansion

Under this heading, the article delves into the film’s international success and the expansion of the Detective Conan market. It discusses the global reach of the franchise and the efforts made to localize the film for different regions. The article explores the impact of the film’s success on international audiences, including the potential for attracting new fans and strengthening the franchise’s presence outside of Japan.

Box Office Records and Industry Impact

This section delves into the box office records set by “Black Iron Submarine” and its impact on the anime industry. The article highlights the film’s impressive ticket sales figures and compares them to other successful anime films. It explores the implications of the film’s success, such as increased investment in anime productions, the potential for more Detective Conan films, and the positive influence on the overall perception of anime as a mainstream entertainment medium.


The article concludes by summarizing the extraordinary achievement of “Black Iron Submarine” in selling 9 million tickets in just two months. It reflects on the film’s captivating plot, the effective marketing strategies, and the dedicated fan base that contributed to its success. Finally, it highlights the film’s potential long-term impact on the Detective Conan franchise and the anime industry as a whole, leaving readers excited for what the future holds for both.

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