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Eulogy Lyrics – Wilbur Soot Meaning & Facts By (Singles). You Can Watch This Video On YouTube While The Lyrics Are Written By Wilbur Soot. The Music Track Was Released Date :December 1, 2023.

In this lyrics each line is a brushstroke on a oil of complex feelings, inviting listeners into a narrative that navigates the complications of tone- discovery and the challenges of interpersonal connections.

[Intro: Wilbur Soot]
You linger in doorways
It seems to me that always
You’re about to leave

[Explanation of Intro]
The introduction sets a tone of discomfort and impermanence, describing someone who lingers in doorways, giving the impression that they are always on the verge of leaving.

[Verse 1: Wilbur Soot]
Roll corner bedsheets off my bed
Press eyeballs up against eyelids
The problem with being f**ked like you’re hated
Is it’s hard not to be convinced
That I read the eulogy of a world famous satire
Oh please, just let me live
Your fingers dig into my lap
And baptise your anger, then fall back to back

[Explanation of Verse 1]
The first verse depicts a scene where bedsheets are rolled off, and there’s a sense of tiredness or resignation as eyeballs are pressed against eyelids. The mention of being “f**ked like you’re hated” suggests a negative or hostile experience, and the difficulty in not being convinced of the eulogy of a world-famous satire may indicate a struggle with skepticism or cynicism. The physical touch is described as digging into the speaker’s lap, baptizing anger and then falling back to back, which hints at a complex emotional dynamic.

[Bridge: Wilbur Soot]
If I could rewind the time
I’d stay there in England
We’d have a glass of wine
And watch fatal car crash compilations
All I can see is wasted opportunity
All I can be is a diagram for desperation

[Explanation of Bridge]
The bridge introduces a desire to rewind time and stay in England, creating a contrasting image of a relaxed scenario with a glass of wine juxtaposed with the morbid fascination of watching fatal car crash compilations. The mention of wasted opportunity and a diagram for desperation suggests a sense of regret and self-reflection.

[Verse 2: Wilbur Soot]
Want to enjoy sad music
But it’s all with the same context
Words they weave and how they choose to use it
Someone else wronged the subject
I wish I’d be the one who’s hurt indignantly
But I can see the only one who’s hurt someone is me

[Explanation of Verse 3]
The second verse delves into the speaker’s desire to enjoy sad music but is hindered by the consistent context of heartbreak and wrongdoing. The speaker expresses a wish to be the one hurt indignantly, but the realization is that they are the one who has hurt someone.

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