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Fear of Heights Lyrics – Drake Cole Meaning & Facts By (Singles). You Can Watch This Video On Youtube
While The Lyrics Are Written By Drake.The Music Track Was Released Date :October 6, 2023.

Through the verses penned by Drake, expect an emotional journey that reflects on relationships, self-discovery, and perhaps the metaphorical heights we all strive to conquer .The lyrical narrative, coupled with the expressive soundscapes, invites listeners to unravel layers of meaning and connect with the artists on a profound degree. As the music unfolds, get ready for an inquiry of vulnerability, self-observation, and the partook natural experience.

[Verse: Drake]
Ayy, ayy, look
Why they make it sound like I’m still hung up on you?
That could never be
Gyal can’t run me
Better him than me
Better it’s not me
I’m anti, I’m anti
Yeah, and the sex was average with you
Yeah, I’m anti ’cause I had it with you
Okay, I’m auntie like your daddy’s sister
Auntie like a family picture
And I had way badder bitches than you, TBH
Yeah, that man, he still with you, he can’t leave you
Y’all go on vacation, I bet it’s Antigua

[Explanation of Verse 1]
Drake addresses someone who seems to think he’s still hung up on them, but he makes it clear that he’s moved on. He mentions being “anti” and implies that he’s not interested in being with that person anymore. He also talks about the mean rate of their old relation.

[Interlude: Drake]
Let me stop
You know what? Fuck it, let me go

[Explanation of Interlude]
Drake briefly interrupts himself and decides to continue.

[Chorus: Drake]
What? Ayy, what? Ayy, what? Ayy
Girl, you make me wanna cuff you like the law, huh
Girl, you makе me wanna work you like the job, ayy
I know you a cat, but can your pussy do thе dog?

[Explanation of Chorus]
Drake expresses that the person he’s talking to makes him want to commit to them like the law (cuff), work for their attention like a job, and wonders if they can be more committed (“can your pussy do the dog?”).

[Verse: Drake]
Let’s go pound for pound, I’m in Europe
Chrome Heart Culli’, I had to import it
Got in my feelings, I had to record it
I never met a bitch that wasn’t for it
Don’t pay for pussy, I tip for the service
Let’s keep it frank, I just got dessert
I’m in the G-Wagon Maybach
Just like some currency, baby, they had to convert it
I heard your bank account is on stuck
How can you keep it a buck if you ain’t got no bucks?
How can you keep it a hundred
If you ain’t got hundreds around ’cause you stacking ’em up?
You niggas some pussy, for real
You niggas some sissy, for real
Virginia, I pull up and chill
You know you can’t come where I stay
‘Fore you get caught on a date
‘Fore you get put on a plate, ah
‘Fore you get slid on like skates
‘Fore I get turned up like bass
I know that look on they face
Don’t tell me you’re scared of Lil’ Drake
Don’t tell me you’re scared of Lil’ Aubrey
My niggas is crazy, Wallahi
Don’t even know how we escape
The chain on her neck is a A
And she got a lot that she need
So she gotta drop to her knees
Then she can go shopping for free
I got up with a opp at the mall
That nigga was copping a plea
Out the country, I link with OZ
Spending money ain’t foreign to me
You don’t do that shit more than me
You don’t do this shit more than me
He might take you on trips and he might have some hits
But, baby, not more than me
He might be at the trap and order some ones
But ain’t throwing more than me

[Explanation of Verse 2]
Drake talks about his lifestyle, mentioning luxury items like a Chrome Heart jacket, his feelings, and past relationships. He emphasizes not paying for intimacy but tipping for the service. He talks about enjoying better monetary story than others and problems their fact.Drake warns others not to underestimate him and mentions his confidence, using metaphors like getting caught on a date or put on a plate. He also mentions getting turned up like bass (referring to music).

[Chorus: Drake]
What? Ayy, what? Ayy, what? Ayy
Girl, you make me wanna cuff you like the law, huh
Girl, you make me wanna work you like the job, ayy
I know you a cat, but can your pussy do the dog?

[Explanation of Chorus]

The chorus is repeated, emphasizing the desire for commitment and work in the relationship.

In summary, the verses research motives of transposing on from a old relationship, Drake’s culture, financial success, and a desire for commitment in a new relationship. The language is unequivocal, and Drake uses metaphors and references to convey his advisements and times.

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