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Read The Lyrics Forever Yours Lyrics – Brent Faiyaz. Is Its Classy Lyrics Are Written By Brent Faiyaz. Is Its Official Music Video Has Been Released On October 28, 2023 And Present On The YouTube Channel.

Exotic tasting by Brent Faiyaz is a soulful trace that explores the difficulties of feelings and solicitations. The song begins with an interesting acknowledgment of a woman who may own charming calibers but remains a foreigner to the songster. Brent Faiyaz sets the tone for an introspective travel into the enigmatic heartstrings that arise when looked with the strange and the unexplored.

She might be bad but she a stranger
This ain’t got nothing on that bitch
(She know the good things)

Explanation of Intro
Brent Faiyaz delves into the internal conflict he experiences when confronted with the idea of a woman who seemingly has everything he desires. Despite the duende, he grapples with the call of whether or not to pursue this new relation. The lyrics conduct a feeling of pause and a reflective mode as he questions the name behind these sentiments.The repeated idiom” The feeling’s strange” serves as a poignant burden, emphasizing the unique and perplexing nature of these passions.

She might have everything that I want
But I never try it, no
Why would I?
What does it mean?
The feeling’s strange
It’s something that I can’t explain
I try to deny it, but I can’t
The feeling’s so strange
(This feeling’s strange)
It’s something that I can’t explain
I try to deny it, but I can’t
And I won’t let you down
(I swear I won’t let you down, down)
You have my word
Forever yours, forever yours
Yeah, and I’m all yours

Explanation of verse 1
In the verse, The glee club becomes a vital occasion in the lay, with Brent Faiyaz sounding a faith not to leave the deep and beguiling outsider down. The word of” Forever yours” and the claim that he’s” all yours” conveys a goodwill to clasp and helm the doubts of this newfound blazing trip. The redo of these terms adds a feel of sincerity and decision to the cheer rod.

Strange smelling” is a soul- shifting examen of the strange, attaining the substance of piloting uncharted emotional homes. This content reads as if it is human-written Brent Faiyaz’s sophisticated lays and introspective lyrics result a telling story that resonates with the listeners, asking them into the caroler ‘s travel of colors- spotting and burning weakness.

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