givemeeverything Iayze lyrics

​givemeeverything Iayze lyrics Meaning & Facts by (Singles). you can watch this video on youtube
while the lyrics are written by Iayze The music track was released Date October 25, 2023

Hop in that beam I gotta go
I got them beams it don’t matter though
New red beam gon wipe his nose
New red beam I’m on a roll
More than three when I’m in the Rolls
Morbid scene when I let it blow
She wanna fuck like ok cool let’s go
I done came up
No more sellin dope
I get my nut
Then I gotta go
“You rude as fuck”
I already know
Took that bitch out

Send her back home
Flew that bitch out
Flew her back home
I play that shit like I don’t want her no more
Play that bitch like 64, Nintendo 12 mad they like “what is yo tint on?”
Getting mad
I’m like what is this bitch on?
Gotta be uppers cause I do benzos
Flip that lil hoe she get flipped like flip phone
Hop out that car and shots get ripped oh

Feel like topper top my Glock get ripped on
I’m a caller call my top get shit on Money on me that’s like everyday
Hop in the SRT then get on
(Give me everything)
(Fucked up mile away)
(Follow me like a game Cause it be what I say)
(I’m too far away)
(To laugh it off today)
(Wanted your remain)
(When I can’t remember your name)

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