Good Intentions Lyrics – 24kGoldn

Good Intentions Lyrics – 24kGoldn Meaning & Facts By (Singles). You Can Watch This Video On YouTube While The Lyrics Are Written By 24kGoldn, Jaasu, Jonnywood, Aksel & LeKen Taylor
The Music Track Was Released Date :January 5, 2024.

[Verse: 24kGoldn]
This just how it is, no more what it was
Wake up, take a shower, then I roll myself a blunt, uh
If I’m bein’ honest, I’ve been goin’ through a rut, uh
Victim of my selfishness, it’s finally catchin’ up, uh
Money over love, bitches doin’ drugs
When you gettin’ famous, they gon’ shower you with love
Copy-pastin’ compliments, don’t mean a single one
I’m addicted to attention, anything to catch a buzz, uh
Roses in the grass, uh, hoes up on a bus, uh
I had good intentions ’til I started slippin’ up, uh
Lust took over love, now look at where we ended up
With the only one who really know me blockin’ mе for months, uh
Lost a lot of friends (Friends), uh, happenеd all at once (Once)
How you call me brother, then just leave me in the dust?
Half of me wanna fuck you up, the other half is crushed
And after all of that, somehow, I’m still supposed to learn to trust
Made it out the hood (Hood), uh, got it out the mud (Mud), uh
Momma say she proud of me, don’t know what I’ve become, uh
I be in my feelings but I still don’t feel enough
I got angels watchin’ over but them demons creepin’ up, uh
Bottles on the floor, uh, models in the tub, uh
Room is still a mess, been too depressed to clean it up, uh
Plaques on every wall, but they from 2021
Take a picture, smoke a Swisher, reminisce on how it was, uh
Wipin’ off the tears, up, pickin’ up the crumbs, uh
I had good intentions ’til I started slippin’ up, uh
Every story ends, but it ain’t over ’til it’s done
Ain’t too late to change your life and be exactly what you want

Explanation of Verse
The artist sets the tone, expressing a sense of acceptance and acknowledgment of the current state of affairs.Describing a routine, possibly indicating a coping mechanism or a way to start the day.Describing a routine, possibly indicating a coping mechanism or a way to start the day. Describing a routine, possibly indicating a coping mechanism or a way to start the day.Acknowledging personal flaws and the consequences that come with them.Highlighting a prioritization of wealth and the darker side of the lifestyle, including substance abuse.

Commenting on the superficial nature of fame and the attention that comes with it.Pointing out the insincerity that can accompany fame.Revealing a craving for attention and the lengths taken to feel a sense of exhilaration.Possibly metaphorical imagery representing the mix of beauty and the less glamorous aspects of life. Reflecting on a past with positive intentions that took a wrong turn.Describing the dominance of desire over genuine affection and the resulting consequences.Expressing the isolation and estrangement from someone who once understood them well.Highlighting the sudden and overwhelming nature of losing friendships.Questioning the authenticity of relationships and the pain of being abandoned.

Conveying conflicting emotions, torn between anger and deep hurt.Expressing the difficulty of trusting again after facing betrayal.Celebrating success and overcoming challenging circumstances. The acknowledgment of personal growth and change, with uncertainty about the outcome.Despite emotional depth, there’s a sense of inadequacy or numbness.Balancing the positive influences with the constant threat of negative forces.

Depicting a party scene with elements of excess and indulgence.Reflecting the mental and emotional toll, symbolized by a neglected living space.Recognition of achievements, but a suggestion that they may be from a past period. Engaging in nostalgic reflection amid the current struggles.Facing emotional challenges and trying to move forward.Acknowledging the ongoing nature of life, with the understanding that the story continues. Encouraging self-reflection and the possibility of positive transformation.

[Outro: 24kGoldn]
You love me, you love me
Took a look at my heart, took a glance at me
You love me, you love me
Take a shot in the dark, take a chance on me
There’s no love, there’s no love, there’s no love
Fuck the crystal balls, today these hoes keep showin’ up
I took the time, I did the work, I’m showin’ up
So take a chance, baby, take a chance, take a chance on us

Explanation Of Outro
Expressing a desire for genuine love and connection.Rejecting superficial or false predictions and emphasizing the challenges of dealing with certain individuals.Highlighting personal growth and commitment to self-improvement Encouraging openness to a new beginning and the potential for a positive relationship.Highlighting personal growth and commitment to self-improvement.Encouraging openness to a new beginning and the potential for a positive relationship.

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