Here To Stay

CHECK OUT The Here To Stay Lyrics By Tommy T & Sparky Kane. The Classy Here To Stay Lyrics Are Written By Sparky Kane & ZerkaaHD. And The Official Video Of This Song Is Released On 21 December 2022 On The Official Youtube Channel ” ZerkaaPlays “.

📌 TitleHere To Stay
‍🎤 SingerTommy T & Sparky Kane
📃 LyricsSparky Kane & ZerkaaHD
📅 Release Date21 December 2022

Here To Stay Lyrics

If your beauty, I’d no longer see
Would you leave me? Pretty baby (Yeah)
And if I thought it best to set you free, yeah (Yo)
Would you hate me? (It’s SK)
If you would, please tell me now so I can- (Listen, yo)

I went from Blue Cage to the block living
This life about taking, ain’t no time for giving
It’s stressful on them roads, there ain’t no forgiving
Fucking up once and it’s a wrap, and now the boy missing

Precision when it come to dissing
They tried to run around the kid, and now they need de-fibbing
Who am I kidding? Been with it from knee high
Everybody gripping ’til man ah see the inside

Like Young Ababwa, dodged a T charge
’cause CJ pulled a couple strings like a guitar
And these days a trip to Bolingbroke, it never seems far
But meanwhile they tryna spin the block, where the G’s are

They never call to check up if the boy’s bless
They just calling for a re-up of the new cess
12 gauge staying tucked inside the damn vest
The life we live is different to the rest, yeah, it put us to the test

Recently I lost a brother, that’s some shit that hurt me
Lost ways with the streets, and now the darg, he wasn’t worthy
Hella love for the boy, I always hope he reps the jersey
Don’t ever lose the passion, bro, my brother, please stay thirsty

You done some shit I can’t forgive
Can’t comprehend what made my killy turn to this
Certi, it’s unexpected especially from the boy, you was my day one
Gave the boy my hand, he didn’t want to fucking change nothing

Yo, T, I need you to pick up the phone right now
There’s so much shit going down at the block, and Dwayne
He’s gone crazy, he’s snitching on everybody and he’s dating a cop
And I don’t know what to do, everybody, they’re not listening to
Each other and we just- we need you, we need you
Pick up the phone

They rely on me for their direction
The life we live’s a tough profession
We’re trying to dodge the ‘rale and just dodge correction
They don’t want to see us winning, I just find that shit perplexing

I had to part ways with my Valentine
I’m always on the grind, I keep my focus, I ain’t got the time for slipping
Packs stay flipping, I’m just Hycade whipping
Do I die to these streets or do I try dipping?

That’s my decision, guess it’s time to make some choices
Every day I wake up, I’m just hearing different voices
Built something beautiful, I can’t let streets destroy it
The curse of this life, man, this shit’s annoying, troops deploying

Come a long way from fishing trips with Moses
Some shit that goes down that you’ll never notice
’cause loose lips lead to funerals and roses
Ever been on corner ’til the shop closes? It’s that process

Huh, I’m trying to process
Shit that I’ve seen leaves me so vexed
They get real tecky, never checking if the boy’s bless
This lifestyle full of stress, I’ve gotta lot of shit to digest

It’s Mandem on my chain and my vest
You know we stay different to the rest
It says Mandem on my chest, never gonna change
It’s Tommy T, bro, and I’m here to stay

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