Me &amp Kinz Lyrics

Me and Kinz was paralin in Harlsden (Yeah)
Had **** lookin' like Harlem
Three straps, had them plotted in the garden
The bando's on the main road, I'm tellin' you, it's arson
Me and him are in the bando, and we're dicing up a Z of light (Trap)
My phone rang and Sav told me they're on Insta' live
Who? Three dickhead guys, but I can only click it twice
So, I'm still goin', tryna show them I'm the drillin' type (Baow)
So, I grab my gloves and mask fast, I'm ready to blast (Yeah)
I leave a nigga lookin' up at the grass to 'rass
Petty ready to bath, and that's for the aftermath
In case they gotta put him in a freezer like Häagen-Dazs (Dеad)
Kinz threw me the rucksack (Baow)
Bruck thе bruck back, I put in two shells and then I shut that
He's tellin' me, "I'm mad" (Mad), I'm tellin' him, "I'm bad" (Dumb bro)
It should've had a mag', but I still went with what I had (Frrt)
On their block, I ain't shoutin' 'cause I'm tryna get near (Sh)
Okay, it's that time, see the pussy dem dere (Yeah?)
Jump off my bike, I see them runnin' in fear
Slap the first shot I hear ringin' in my ear (Bah)
The second shot bang, I see the street lights flicker
In the ends, they call me, "Double Tap Dapz" more than "Digga" (Frrt)
There's a button at the back of the strap for the bottom barrel of the wap
Flick it back, bang, and pull the trigger (Buh-buh)
I used the petty, I was talkin' 'bout earlier
To wipe down, I was scared it's gonna burn me up
But, this is what you gotta do when you slap corn (Bah-bah)
And I ain't tryna end up on that servery cuz (Nope)
I done a drill and went straight back to Kinz's trap (Yeah)
No lights, so I was slammin' out Kinz's pack
Before I go to sleep, bro, I need the weed
"Come, we go to Harlsden," he started laughin' and said, "Digga's tapped"

Me & Kinz Lyrics – Digga D

Me & Kinz


Check Out   Me & Kinz by Digga D. It Is A Brand New English Song Of Digga D. Its Classy Lyrics Are Written By    Digga D. Its Official Music Video Has Been Released On Aug 25, 2023. And Present On The YouTube Channel. And lyrics can be seen above here.

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