MICK JAGGER Gloosito lyrics

MICK JAGGER Gloosito lyrics Meaning & Facts by (Singles). you can watch this video on youtube
while the lyrics are written by Gloosito The music track was released September 28, 2023.

Yeah (Yeah, go, go, go)
Yeah, ah, ah, ah
Yeah, yeah (Go)

Dreams in Copacabana, nightmares in the barracks (Yeah)
Don’t forget to treat those who come from me as boss
CTDS the company, sold as Farfetch
Guess what I drink, it says purple on my jeans
That I die rich and dirty I know that from the beginning
You are the type of guy who talks to me about clean wheat
What the fuck is clean wheat? I am a farmer and businessman (Yeah)
I know about packages and touchdowns, also getting it out of the stadium
I brought girls from the city and took others from the neighborhood.

I brought girls from the city and I took others from the neighborhood (Go, go, go, uh)
A normal day I give myself gifts, as if it were the end of the year
Luxury escorts give me for free what they are charging you
Yeah, RF, you know what’s going on (Rich Farmers)
It’s a wonderful day in the neighborhood even if it’s not good
I need new plates, the trick has flown again
Counter businesses, kids want poison
You give headaches, my buckle leaves you new
Even the guards in my neighborhood want to know how I sound
Fuck like I fuck (Yeah), move like I move
They have plugs that are at hand and they don’t know how to connect them (What?)
I don’t care what he knows, Rueda begins to prove it
RF certified, wheel starts commenting on it (Oh)
black, I’m not at a show and I have the whole world watching (Oh)
In the club with my sign, all the designer world stepping on (Yeah, yeah, yeah)
Yeah, yeah, yeah

In the club with my sign, codeine not Jäger
The owners of the room, crazy, because I smoke Rich Farmers
The owners of the room, crazy, because I smoke real fire
Your tongue out bitch, I call her Mick Jagger
(Shit poster)

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