On May 10 Panchito Arredondo lyrics

On May 10 Panchito Arredondo lyrics Meaning & Facts by (Singles). you can watch this video on youtube
while the lyrics are written by Panchito Arredondo.

Memories of that day come back to me
when you heard on the radio
the guachos moved quickly
They were going after that armored suburban

Guamúchil was a war zone
and government was everywhere
all the alarms went off
and all the cholos were seen fighting

In that strong grip a great man left
He was a key part of the team
and the race is very sad
the Vago people and the Clinton people

The old man never folds his hands
He risked his life for Cholo
The man was an expert in battles
and what he loved most was his family

Remembering the exploits with the Vago
how to forget the time at the ranch
that the man fell for the guachos
and here comes Don Lupe to rescue him

My friends I send you a hug
I’m going to miss you, beloved son.
there I entrust the whole family to you
I was that old Don Lupe mentioned

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