Reborn as a Vending Machine Anime Airs in July 2023

The world of anime is set to welcome an intriguing new addition to its lineup in July 2023, as “Reborn as a Vending Machine” prepares to hit screens. Based on the popular light novel series of the same name, this anime adaptation promises to captivate audiences with its unique blend of fantasy and slice of life storytelling. Centered around an unexpected protagonist who finds themselves reincarnated as a vending machine in a fantasy world, the series offers a fresh take on the isekai genre. With its upcoming release, fans eagerly anticipate the heartwarming and comedic adventures that await.

An Unusual Premise:

The core concept of “Reborn as a Vending Machine” is undoubtedly its most distinctive aspect. The story follows Kazuto, a normal salaryman who tragically meets his demise and is reborn in a fantasy world. However, rather than being reincarnated as a hero or a fearsome creature, Kazuto inexplicably finds himself inhabiting the body of a vending machine.

This peculiar twist sets the stage for a whimsical narrative, as Kazuto navigates his new existence as a sentient vending machine. From dispensing snacks and drinks to interacting with curious customers, Kazuto’s daily life presents a plethora of comedic and heartwarming situations. While his transformation may seem limiting, the anime explores the protagonist’s ability to grow emotionally and connect with others in unexpected ways.

A Touch of Fantasy:

While the anime embraces the isekai genre, it also introduces captivating elements of fantasy to keep viewers intrigued. As Kazuto embarks on his vending machine journey, he discovers that the world he now inhabits is not merely a carbon copy of Earth. It is a realm teeming with mythical creatures, magic, and extraordinary phenomena.

As the story unfolds, Kazuto encounters a diverse cast of characters, including adventurers, wizards, and even talking animals. Through his interactions, Kazuto gains a deeper understanding of the vibrant and magical world around him. Additionally, the anime delves into the mechanics of this fantastical realm, exploring the source of Kazuto’s transformation and the larger mysteries that surround it.

Slice of Life Moments:

Despite its fantasy backdrop, “Reborn as a Vending Machine” finds its charm in the incorporation of slice of life elements. The anime showcases Kazuto’s daily routines as a vending machine, highlighting his interactions with customers and the bonds he forms with them. From a curious child who befriends him to a weary adventurer who seeks solace in a can of soda, Kazuto’s presence impacts the lives of those who encounter him.

These slice of life moments provide a gentle and heartwarming touch to the narrative, focusing on the small joys and challenges of everyday life. By highlighting the ordinary aspects of existence, the anime underscores the importance of human connection and empathy, even in the most extraordinary circumstances.


Reborn as a Vending Machine is poised to offer a refreshing and light-hearted experience for anime enthusiasts. With its imaginative premise, blending of fantasy and slice of life elements, and the endearing protagonist, Kazuto, the series is likely to capture the hearts of viewers. As fans eagerly await the anime’s release in July 2023, the anticipation continues to grow for the charming and comedic adventures that await Kazuto, the sentient vending machine, in his newfound world.

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