CHECK OUT The Repeat Lyrics By July Talk. The Classy Repeat Lyrics Are Written By July Talk. And The Official Video Of This Song Is Released On 21 December 2022 On The Official Youtube Channel ” JULY TALK “.

📌 TitleRepeat
‍🎤 SingerJuly Talk
📃 LyricsJuly Talk
📅 Release Date21 December 2022

Repeat Lyrics

Here Lies A Series Of
Questionable Decisions
Wine Bleed Pill Repeat

Blame It On These Points Of Contention
Within With Me Within Me Repeat

How Many Hours Until This Is A Memory?
Breathe In Deep Repeat
How Many Times Until The Words Lose All Meaning?
I’m Sorry Repeat

But I Got It Easy I’m Numb
I’m A Facet Of Mass Destruction
And It’s My Fault It’s Not My Blood
But Take The Gun Before I Do Something Stupid

Take The Train To Midnight
Out Of The Spiral
To Keep You Breathing
Forever Denial

Take It On Like You Can Make A Difference
Push Too Hard Retreat
You Say It Took Thirty Years To Find Some Meaning
Are You Fucking Kidding Me?

Well I Got It Easy I’m Numb
I’m A Facet Of Mass Destruction
Well What If I Like Playing Dumb
It’s So Much More Fun Than Finding Distraction

Take The Train To Midnight
Best Of Chicago
Keep Her Breathing

On The Rooftop
Gotta Keep You Smiling
Better Tomorrow
Even If Yer Lying

I’m Sorry Repeat
Breathe In Deep Repeat
Sure Is Nice To Do Something Good For Once
Sure Is Good To Do Something Nice

Repeat Video

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