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Risk It All Meaning & Facts By (Singles). You Can Watch This Video On YouTube While The Lyrics Are Written By H.E.R. & Jimmy Napes
The Music Track Was Released Date :Dec. 7, 2023

The lyrics depict a reflective and emotional disquisition of love, admitting its complications and challenges.The collaboration between H.E.R. and Usher conveys a range of passions associated with love, from its highs to its lows. Let’s break down the lyrics:

[Intro: H.E.R. & USHER, Both]
Let’s go, yeah
Oh, oh, ooh
Oh, oh
Yeah, yeah, yeah, baby

Explanation of intro
The introductory lines set a mellow and introspective tone, preparing the listener for a discussion on the topic of love.

[Verse 1: USHER]
Like a condition, like a religion
So easily mistreated, scary decision
Sometimes it’s Hell and sometimes it’s Heaven
It’s overcomplicated, but, baby

Explanation of Verse 1
Usher compares love to a condition or a religion, emphasizing its delicate nature and the potential for mistreatment. The reference to it being both Hell and Heaven suggests that love can bring both joy and pain.The verse suggests that love is sometimes overcomplicated.

[Chorus: USHER, USHER & H.E.R.]
I don’t mind
Feelin’ like I’m bound to fall
Close my eyes
Baby, I would risk it all, yeah

Explanation of  Chorus
Usher expresses a willingness to embrace the uncertainties of love. He doesn’t mind feeling vulnerable or risking it all for the sake of love. Closing his eyes may signify a willingness to surrender to the emotions associated with love.

[Verse 2: H.E.R. & USHER, H.E.R.]
Sometimes it’s tragic, so problematic
People are cryin’ for it, people are dyin’ for it
Always the reason (Always) we still believe it (These days)
Somethin’ that leaves us hurtin’ is worth it

Explanation of Verse 2
H.E.R. takes on the second verse, describing love as sometimes tragic and problematic.Despite the challenges, people worry for it, and it remains a compelling force.The reference to people crying and dying for love underscores its significance. The verse suggests that, despite the hurtful aspects of love, it’s still worth pursuing.

[Chorus: USHER & H.E.R., Both]
I don’t mind
Feelin’ like I’m bound to fall (Fallin’, fallin’, oh yeah)
Close my eyes
Baby, I would risk it all, oh, oh

Explanation of Chorus
The chorus is a repetition of the idea that the singers are willing to risk everything for love.The mention of feeling bound to fall suggests that love comes with inherent risks and uncertainties.

[Post-Chorus: H.E.R. & USHER, Both]
Just to be in love (Love)
Be, be in love (Love)
Oh, I just wanna be (Be in love, love)
Be in love (Love, yeah)

Explanation of Post-Chorus
The post-chorus emphasizes the desire to be in love, expressing a longing for that deep connection and emotional fulfillment.

[Chorus: H.E.R. & USHER, Both]
I don’t mind
Feelin’ like I’m bound to fall (Oh, baby)
Baby, I close my eyes
Baby, I would risk it all, oh, oh (Ooh, I)
I don’t mind
Feelin’ like I’m bound to fall (Fall)
Oh, close my eyes
Baby, I would risk it all

Explanation of Chorus
The chorus is repeated, reinforcing the theme of being willing to face the challenges and uncertainties of love.

[Outro: H.E.R. & USHER, Both]
Oh, just to be in love
Be in love
Be in love
Be in love, be in love, love, yeah

Explanation of Outro
The outro repeats the desire to be in love, emphasizing the emotional longing for a profound and meaningful connection.

The lyrics paint a nuanced picture of love, admitting its difficulties but expressing a amenability to embrace it despite the pitfalls. The collaboration between H.E.R.and Usher adds depth and variety to the disquisition of this universal theme.

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