[Verse 1: Killer Mike]
Stay high and holy
Ain’t into watches, don’t mind the Rollie
I ain’t a pastor, you bastards, I keep a black pistol-y
Chubby young jit talk slick, rollin’ like Roly Poly
At fifteen my girlfriend was thick and she would slowly blow me
I would beat it down when she come around
She was down, she would help me sack all my nicks and dimes
She was fine, I was in my feelings, I was out my mind
It’s the-, it’s the-, it’s the teenage love, making love, no glove
It’s the-, it’s the-, it’s the abortion money, gotta get it up
It’s the-, it’s the-, I still feel like we still killed our baby girl
It’s the-, it’s the-, it get worse, and had a baby by a thug
It’s the-, finally understand why women go to church and hum
You can hit ’em with a hurt so deep they heart can’t come back from
Smile and make each other cum but could not overcome the slum
I remember the last time that we made love on the mama’s sofa
Told me she was pregnant by this older nigga and it’s over

[Verse 2: Killer Mike]
A couple summers and our teenage love had turned to somethin’ slummer
I can’t love her like I used to, she somebody’s baby mama
But she call me to come over when she go to see her mama
And we make love and she talk about her stress and all her drama
As the project light would shine through the project window blinds
I would slowly stroke her body, I would try to pick her mind
I asked her, “What you gonna be?” and she said, “Michael, I’m gonna be fine”
Told me with my brilliant mind
“You gon’ be better than fine”
Told me I had places to travel
And she really wasn’t into flyin’
Told me I was more than a dope boy
Don’t follow the deaf, dumb and blind
Done seen her a couple of times
And told her, “Ayy, baby, I owe you”
She hugged me, held on me tight
“You did it Micheal, I told you”

[Chorus: Jagged Edge]
See, she was such a fine young thang (Such a fine young thang)
But that ain’t my side of things (Yeah)
Think I might touch the danger for the love
She my summer love
In the throes of love (Ahh)
Summer love (Ahh)
Slummer love (Ooh)
Slummer love (Ooh)

So many promises, promises, promises
So many promises, promises, promises (Ayy, ayy)

[Bridge: Foushee]
[?] sunlight, still I hear (the sun going down)
Still hear the voices
Still hear your voice, yeah
I remember

[Verse 3: Killer Mike]
I remember you called and said, “Michael I am pregnant”
I responded, “Baby girl, a baby girl might be a blessing”
And I ain’t Usher, baby but this here is my confession
I must own it, I didn’t want it, even now I know I’m flexin’
‘Cause all that raw dog sex and I knew I would get you pregnant
And all this teenage love is really just about posessin’
They call it adolescence ’cause we learnin’ adult lessons
And I ain’t grown because I rolled some stones and carry weapons
I was rubbin’ on your tummy when your mommy asked for money
Told me, “Your procedure’s Monday and she gon’ need like four hunnid”
And had I known your mother wasn’t gon’ never let you keep it
I wouldn’t have told my partners, would’ve kept that news a secret (Secret)

[Outro: Foushee]
Told everybody
I was young, we had told everybody

Boy, if you lived in the ghetto, in the hood and you seen some of these people that was getting pregnant
You would realize like they can’t afford to get pregnant
They don’t need to be pregnant
This girl could go to school, this girl is smart
Her parents ain’t paying for it
She actually gon’ get a scholarship, but she ain’t gon’ tell ’em that she been fuckin’

SLUMMER Lyrics – Killer Mike & Jagged Edge


BiographyOn SPACESHIP VIEWS Killer Mike, Curren$y and 2 Chainz flex on their status and reflect on where they came from with melodic backing from Kaash Paige. This is Killer Mike’s first collaboration with Curren$y since they featured together on Big Boi’s Follow Deez in 2017 and his first collaboration with 2 Chainz since Black Power. White Powder. in 2018. It’s the first time he’s worked with Kaash Paige.

Check Out   SLUMMER by Killer Mike & Jagged Edge. It Is A Brand New English Song Of Killer Mike & Jagged Edge. Its Classy Lyrics Are Written By    Killer Mike & Jagged Edge. Its Official Music Video Has Been Released On 1. And Present On The YouTube Channel. And lyrics can be seen above here.

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