Stash House

CHECK OUT The Stash House Lyrics By Rooga. The Classy Stash House Lyrics Are Written By Rooga. And The Official Video Of This Song Is Released On 21 December 2022 On The Official Youtube Channel ” JHE Rooga “.

📌 TitleStash House
‍🎤 SingerRooga
📃 LyricsRooga
📅 Release Date21 December 2022

Stash House Lyrics

Took a million out the safe just cause
I could nigga
Bitch I’m real motivation
For the hood nigga

Why it look like I’d stretch sum?
Cause I would nigga
Foenem they’ll strecth sum for me
As they should nigga

It’ll be all types of shootouts if
We come in contact
She said she don’t like my life
Well bitch get out my contacts

Foenem took his pipe
Got him asking for his gun back
And I keep a shooter
With me that’s sharper than a thumbtack

Bitch I’m cool with gettin’ head
I ain’t tryna cuddle
I might bust all on her face and
Tell a lie like I lovе you

I’m a six block trench baby
I come from the strugglе.
And we came with number of fully autos
We ain’t tryna tussle

We be flippin blocks and runnin lights
Put a switch up on that glock
I hit it once it shootin’ twice
Oh you one of them type of
Rappers that be hiding all your ice

Only time I have my ice if
When a bitch spend the night
Cause I don’t trust these hoes

Miami cuban links
That shit cost your salary
That shit so heavy
When I wear it

I be burnin calories
That ain’t no real drink
Fuck you tryna sell to me?
You and your homeboys fuck around
And catch a shell a piece

Ran it up without a deal
I did it independent
Took a 100k.
Put 30 on a pendant

The rest I got to kill you if
I tell you how I spent it
Call me mr. Pink slip cause
Ain’t none of these cars rented

Freak bitch she said
She want to fuck to some gangsta shit
I don’t like them pussy hoes
I like a gangsta bitch

I love the game like I’m mitch
But I won’t go like mitch
Cause niggas out here dyin’ broke
I rather go out rich

They want me to crash out
I know the bank be mad.
I’m takin’ all this cash out

I just bought a whole estate
For the stash house
And I ain’t even mention
I got another stash house

Bitches lyin’ on they pussy
Sayin they fucked me
I got certain standards
It’s a privelege just to touch me

I be fuckin’ this bitch
She told him that we cousins
When whole time
I’m dunkin all in that pussy like I’m cousins

Aye I can’t trust that nigga
He look like he might wear a wire
Pull that drac’ out the trench like
I’m omar off the wire

You can lose your life quicker
Than you can lose a lighter
He ain’t have a show
But we put him on a flyer

I ain’t tryin’ to laugh right now
You can’t joke with me
I put 35 in my wood
You can’t smoke with me

I don’t need no bitch that think that
She controllin me
You took that bitch overseas
I took her overeast

Hopped in the shower with
My blick cause I don’t trust shit
I want all the smoke
I get active I don’t duck shit

Who these niggas in here
I’m like fuck it
Bitch I’m clutchin

And who these bitches in here
Which one of them fuckin’?
My niggas they switched up
But they ain’t change on me

Nigga you will die reachin
For this chain on me.
Run him down close range
I might get a stain on me
I might get a stain on me
I might get his brains on me

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