​Sweet Lyrics

[Intro: Teezo Touchdown]
Everything you say is funny
Girl, it feel like I’m—
I think I can wear that

[Verse 1: Teezo Touchdown]
Everything you say is funny
Girl, it feel like I’m datin’ a comedian
Everybody else I swerve, but, today, I finally hit the median
Even though I can’t dress, girl, you love everything that you see me in
Do you really think I’m cute?
Honesty looks good on you
Honestly, you too good for me
Honestly, we’ll last about a week
Honestly, my life is sour
But, when I’m with you, everything’s sweet
When I’m with you, everything’s sweet

[Verse 2: Fousheé]
If the clothes fit
We should wear it, though, I’m not so keen to share
Ain’t got alone with you to spare
It’s nice and toasty in my bеd, we’re buried
I think wе should get married (We should get)
Sometimes I catch myself just starin’ at your face
I wanna memorize
Until it’s embedded in my eyes
I can’t believe he’s in my life
I’m in doubts, I’m in doubts, ain’t deservin’ of you
What I don’t need, honey
You’re the first and then everything’s cake
And we won’t have to bake, everything’s sweet
Ooh, everything’s sweet (Huh)
Everything’s sweet

​Sweet Lyrics – Teezo Touchdown


In “Sweet”, Teezo Touchdown finds an escape from his ‘sour’ life in a woman, a topic related to those mentioned on “You Thought” & “UUHH”. Though contrary to the direct approach toward his partner on “UUHH”, Teezo’s delivery comes off as nervous, afraid of messing up his and his partner’s relationship. Teezo uploaded a snippet of this track to his socials on August 21, 2023, stylized as “sweet.”.

Check Out   ​Sweet by Teezo Touchdown. It Is A Brand New English Song Of Teezo Touchdown. Its Classy Lyrics Are Written By    Teezo Touchdown. Its Official Music Video Has Been Released On Sep 8, 2023. And Present On The YouTube Channel. And lyrics can be seen above here.

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