The Community lyrics

Check Out The Community by Bulletproof Soul. It Is A Brand New English Song Of 2023. Its Classy Lyrics Are Written By Nyyjerya & Ali Wisdom. Its Official Music Video Has Been Released On July 28, 2023.And Present On The Youtube Channel.

The Community lyrics by Bulletproof Soul

[Intro: Ali Wisdom]

Uh Yeah

Uh Yeah


Uh Yay Uh

[Verse 1: Ali Wisdom]

Open your ears

Wait fast for the night is young

No more eggs and bacon for dinner

I’m the only loser that won

All my people together

A dream I always wanted

When I was young

A born sinner in the land of the lust

Trust no man

I’m talking to you black man

Most hated and misplaced face in the human race

So infatuated

And demasculating black man

The main reason America

Pushed the black man off the land

[Verse 2: Nyyjerya]


Whole world on her shoulder

But she still shines over

I’m a believеr like Jehovah

She maybе didn’t plan it

But took time to understand it

When nobody really showed her

Guess who really showed up

And put you on the earth

And pushed you in that stroller

She braided your hair

Said it will be long when you get older

Ima simulate your roots

You can’t simulate the truth

I’m in a different kind of booth

Spitting meta verses

So sick it’s viral

My life’s a skit rehearse this

Gotta dress like a hoe

Just to get some purses

I mean a bag

Excuse me but what’s the purpose?

You’re telling me about your wealth

But what’s your worth is?


Song Title: The Community Lyrics

Artist: Bulletproof Soul

Written By: Nyyjerya & Ali Wisdom

Featuring: Nyyjerya & Ali Wisdom

Produced by: Lofty305

Executive produced by: Lofty305, Shintek Beats, Nyyjerya & Austin Moore-Farrow

Release Date: July 28, 2023


Bulletproof Soul – Grasping Things at the Root Lyrics Album Tracklist

  1. The Community ft. Nyyjerya, Ali Wisdom
  2. The Homie ft. Austin Moore-Farrow, TWENTYN9NE
  3. The Whip ft. Nyyjerya
  4. The Play ft. Nyyjerya, TWENTYN9NE
  5. The Desire ft. Nyyjerya, SLWJMZ (SJ)
  6. The Relationship ft. Austin Moore-Farrow, EqobKING, Kengeta
  7. The Split Up ft. Austin Moore-Farrow
  8. The I ft. Austin Moore-Farrow, Nyyjerya
  9. The Playoff ft. Austin Moore-Farrow, Nyyjerya
  10. The Reasons ft. Austin Moore-Farrow, Nyyjerya
  11. The Ascension ft. DJ Sabrina The Teenage DJ, Nyyjerya
  12. The Root ft. Austin Moore-Farrow
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