​ The so dark lyrics

Check Out ​​  ​ The so dark lyrics by Ken Carson, Lil Uzi Vert & Destroy Lonely. It Is A Brand New English Song Of 2023. Its Classy Lyrics Are Written By Ken Carson, Lil Uzi Vert & Destroy Lonely. Its Official Music Video Has Been Released On Jul 11, 2023. And Present On The Youtube Channel.

​ The so dark lyrics ​​ by Ken Carson



Yeah, don’t play with me, I’m on some other shit, like

Some whole other shit, like

(Star made the beat, I just took it out the oven)


Huh, huh, huh, huh, huh, huh

It’s just me and my cup in this bitch

I checked out all on my Rick

VVS all on my wrist

I bought an Uzi today and it’s already hot and it come with a cooling kit

She ain’t fuck with me back then, but wanna fuck with me now, huh, I’m cool lil’ bitch

Huh, let’s go hit a lick

Huh, let’s go do a drill

I heard he got a mill’ in his crib, it’s straight up the hill (8-808)

We don’t give a fuck who you is, we don’t give a fuck how you feel

We don’t give a fuck how you feel, we don’t give no fucks

I copped a Mercedes, I ditched that AMG, I’m ridin’ a G-Wagon Truck

I just might go buy the SVJ, cause I like how the doors go up

My boy he be catchin’ them bodies, he catchin’ them bodies, I’m watching the scores go up

Yo’ gang probably caught a few bodies, but I ain’t worried about it, cause we droppin’ more than them

Step on shit like Timbs, pull up with a FN Five-seveN, that bih’ take off limbs

I just popped a private jet G6, I’m ’bout to take off, yeah

They like, “Hold up, hold up, hold up, you boutta take off right here”

I’m boutta take off, yeah

Fuckin’ with me when it come to swag, huh, I’m passin’ it out

Shawty got no respect when it come to that ass, huh, she passin’ it out

I be VET, VET, VET, VET, from head to toe, even the sock

I got every Balenciaga boot, except for the Croc

Rick Owens all over my, Rick Owens all over me

Maison Francis cologne, got this hoe all over me

I pulled up to my show, rock out this bitch, then I leave

I don’t fuck with these niggas, like they got a disease

Trapper wrap around, huh-huh, I got what you need

I got that bitch in H&M they…


Song Title ​​ ​​ ​ The so dark lyrics

Artist: Ken Carson, Lil Uzi Vert & Destroy Lonely

Written By: Ken Carson, ​star boy, Warren Hunter, DJ Moon, Outtatown & Lucian (Neilaworld) Phonographic Copyright: Universal Music Group, Interscope Records & Opium

Copyright: Universal Music Group, Interscope Records & Opium

Produced by: Lil 88, ​star boy, ​legion & Warren Hunter)

Release Date: July 17, 2023

Music Label: Interscope Records & Opium


Ken Carson – A Great Chaos Lyrics album Tracklist

  1. ​​intro
  2. ​​jennifer’s body
  3. ​​hardcore
  4. ​​pouring out the soda
  5. ​​singapore ft. Destroy Lonely
  6. ​​it’s over
  7. ​​drugs talkin
  8. ​​like this ft. Lil Uzi Vert, Destroy Lonely
  9. ​​paranoid ft. Destroy Lonely
  10. ​​interlude
  11. ​​fyt
  12. ​​so dark
  13. ​​ken carson
  14. ​​outro


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