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Tony Montana Flow Meaning & Facts By (Singles). You Can Watch This Video On YouTube While The Lyrics Are Written By Chief Keef, ProdKyle & Akachi
The Music Track Was Released Date :Jul. 23, 2022

The handed lyrics appear to be from a rap song, and it seems to be a blend of casual discussion, braggadocio, and reflections on the artist’s life. Let’s break it down:

What up?
Where are you?
‘Fuck you at?
You sound ’bout it as fuck
I’m ’bout to go home, I’m tryna, tryna go to you, can I?
I ain’t even at the house right now
So when are you gonna be at your house?
I don’t know, in a minute
Okay, I’m just going to go home, I guess

Explanation of intro

The song begins with a casual conversation between two individuals, using colloquial language and slang. They bandy the speaker’s whereabouts and express a desire to meet up.

I just want the blue cheese and a thousand islands
Bitch, you want me to punch you, bitch, you wildin’-wildin’
Might not wanna come over here, ’cause bitch it’s crowded crowded
Unless you Master P and bitch you ’bout it ’bout it
Shorty ass a squirter, that’s a talent talent
King size beds was a palette-palette
Even in kindergarten, I wasn’t tattletalin’
I ain’t genеrous, I’m not Ellen-Ellen
Life is sweet, nigga lovе watermelon
I got green and I’ll put it on yo’ melon
Bad ass lil’ nigga on the corner sellin’
Young nigga hungry, got that mornin’ belly
Nigga gettin’ money no matter what you selling
Tell ’em you a pit, get some dog repellent
Shorty got some time from an informant telling
Baby bro like, “Give it to me, nigga, I’ma sell it”
Baby bro gotta take it over and be smarter with it
And I’m smoking on that musty call me arm pit, man
I be lettin’ my chain and wrist talk to a bunch of bitches
You can get ya Gyro’d, nigga, no Tzatziki
At your head, no Medusa (‘Dusa)
You know I be with gorillas, nigga, ucka (Ucka)
Even when I’m by myself, I’m a noodle knocker
Pulled up, shittin’ on ’em, nigga dooka-dooka
I know I ain’t gotta do it, but I’m a pistol toter
Just in case the opps see me and be like, “There go Sosa”
Got a warrant, the cops saw me, like, “Let’s go, Sosa”
What the fuck you was just doin’ up in Mexico Sosa?
Shorty said, “When the last time you been in Chicago Sosa?”
She like “When the fuck you gon’ stop smokin’ that Petrol Sosa?”
She like “You smokin’ gas but first was that red stuff Sosa”
She like “You ridin’ foreigns but first it was the metro Sosa”

Explanation of Verse
The firs part of the verse touches on materialism, mentioning a desire for wealth and luxury items like blue cheese and a thousand islands. There’s also a reference to potential violence (“Bitch, you want me to punch you”), and a warning about the crowded environment.The verse continues with a mix of explicit content, references to sexual prowess (“Shorty ass a squirter”), childhood memories, and a refusal to be a snitch.The mention of being “not generous, not Ellen-Ellen” suggests a lack of generosity compared to the well-known generous personality of Ellen DeGeneres. The lyrics then touch on life’s sweetness, green (possibly referring to money or drugs), and a willingness to use it on others.The verse includes references to selling drugs, making money, and avoiding snitching.The speaker addresses about having a stock involved in the same conditioning and emphasizes the need to be smart aboutit.The lyrics also include a blend of braggadocio, mentioning the speaker’s jewelry and relations with women. There’s also a threat of violence and a reference to Greek cuisine (“Gyro’d” and “Tzatziki”).The mention of being with gorillas may metaphorically refer to being with tough individuals.The speaker asserts their durability indeed whenalone.The lyrics continue with a blend of boasting, violence, and a implicit hassle with law enforcement. The reference to Mexico and Chicago suggests a broader geographicalscope.The verse ends with a series of questions and commentary from an unnamed existent, indicating a shift in the discussion or conceivably a change in the speaker’s state of mind.

You drunk? Ayy, ayy, ayy, ayy
I do
Bang, huh

Explanation of Outro
The outro includes a brief exchange about being drunk and ends with a vocal adlib, “Bang, huh,” which is a common feature in rap songs, often used for emphasis or to punctuate a point.

The song combines rudiments of road life, materialism, connections, and tone- reflection, typical of numerous rap lyrics. It’s essential to note that the interpretation of lyrics can vary, and individual listeners may have different perspectives on the meaning behind the words.

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