TOP 5 Lyrics – DD Osama

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TOP 5 Lyrics – DD Osama

Start of the Lyrics

Gang, Gang, On Bro
Ahh, Gang

He Ain’t Got No Rec, But He Keep Tryna Diss
Like Y’all Know That I Stand With My Shit
Then That Boy Get Hit
But I Ain’t Gon’ Lie We Got Knocks In The-
But I Ain’t Gon’ Lie We Got Knocks In The-

Like, Heard The Opps At The Party
Bad Bitch Shake It Like Carti
Like, Oh That Boy Running Speedy
Like, Don’t Run I’ma Pass It To DD

Like Big Knock I’ma Aim At His Feet
And If He Move Wrong I Might Catch Me A PD
Like, Like I’ma Hang Out The V Throw Shots
I’m Pass It To Klicky He Gon’ Let It Flock
Bow, I Said, Like I’ma Pass It To Klicky He Gon’ Let It Flock, Bow

Every Opp I Saw, I Was On That
Ring A Bell, See Your Face On A Doormat
Bitch I’m
Try And Push Up On Me I Bet You, You Fall Back

Get Out Of The Way, I Got Him Running
‘Tack ‘Em, Face Shot, Face Lift
On That Strip
Hollows Had Hit Him Make Him Do A Flip
If You Spin On My Strip Then Your Shit Gon’ Be Flipped
Like Word On Bro, Niggas Know How I Get
Like How Many Times I Made Niggas Dip
But I Bet Ya I Blitz

Like, Heard They Like When I Switch Up My Flow
Heard They Mad ‘Cause I Throw Up The O
Like Bullets Start Flamin’, We Aim For His Throat
He Got Sent To Allah, Now He A Float

Like I’m With 83, He Totin’ A Knocker
He Get Shot If He Throw Up The Flockas
3 Shots Make That Nigga Flip
10 Shots, Send 2 To His Lip

They Call Me Klickin, They Know I’ma Get ‘Em
Smokin’ Happy I’m In Love With The Rhythm
All This Lean In My System Should Fuck Up My Liver
83 The Devil, Hop Out And Spliff ‘Em (Ahh, Ahh)

If He Try To Run, Put The Beam On His Face
Like, No He Ain’t Gettin’ Away
Try To Reach On His Hip, It’s Too Late
Mizzy On Hots Tryna Flock Through The Gate

Signed To This Shit (On Bro)
Like On The Block Tryna Catch Me A Hit
Smokin’ On Bussin’ Off This Shit (Bow, Bow)
Klickin In The Cut And He Smokin’ On Rip (Rippy)

Like Who That, In That V?
Like Wait, I Think Those Niggas Tryna Creep
Ayo 83 Baby, Take The Chop Off The Safety
‘Cause I Think That’s A Sweep

Ayo Star, That’s A Sweep? (Grrah)
Oh, You Think I Ain’t Peaked? (Oh, You Think I Ain’t Peak-)
You Can Tell By The Dreads And The Ski (Boww)
Time To Go Beserk, Put Faith In My Jeans

End The Lyrics

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