Vanish Mode Lyrics

(Oh, that’s MJ)
Yeah, alright
(Cam, you bumped this ho)
(NK, what you got?)

[Verse 1]
Uh, huh, get even with it, nigga, get even with it
Ain’t no linkin’ when it’s beef, nigga, the Foxes ain’t never split it
Nigga, we ain’t never did it, never call to see who ridin’ with us
Rule number one, don’t let ’em hang if they ain’t gang with it
Uh, uh, uh, I ain’t lettin’ no new nigga in this circle, that fake shit hurt
Uh, I can get ’em killed on, G Pill, I can just pick it—
Uh, alright
Mama said, “Stay safe,” I’m like, “Alright”
I know anybody can get it, I ain’t worried ’bout shit, perfect aim, not alright
I got my lil’ brothers ready to cap out and hitchhike
If I pay ’em ten tonizzight
My young nigga said just put his name in a song, he’ll get your ass gone by midnight
Feelin’ like 50 with all this cheese, got power, nigga ass ’bout to get right
Feelin’ like 50, got all this— uh, yeah, yeah
I send a hit through vanish mode, boy, you better vanish homes
They can’t talk this gangster shit like me, nigga, I’m hands-on
Thousand dollars for these damn shoes, I got my Pradas on
Some of these niggas left a Fox for dead, turnt up on my own
Let me turn my mackin’ on, got the recipe to her thong
I got the drop on them boys, ain’t no X out here, I invest in drones
Every step you take, I’m watchin’, nigga, how I remote control
I got the backpack on when I’m in the trenches, that mean the dope controlled
I just sat back and watched, unc’ poured a house in the Styrofoam
Met this Colombian, bad as hell, I ain’t put no condom on
I’m a gangster, when I’m with my slimes, I get my slime on
Get your shine on, never mind, those some fake-ass rhinestones
I know these niggas ain’t want the Fox to blow up ’cause, nigga, I see that now
Nigga must forgot, before I was on break, I had choppers on side the house
Dope inside the couch, nigga, all that shit was at my grandma house
I really came from a trap environment, as you see, nigga, that’s all I talk about
Huh, “Fatt, hit the club with me,” I ain’t gettin’ paid if I don’t come out the house
How much you want? Call CPL Jo, this shit ain’t no cap, I want fifteen thou’
Bagg want two hundred, they can’t afford it, so they want the Fox right now
Two for thirty, meet CPL Jo, chop all that shit right down

Uh, nigga (Alright, alright, alright)
Yeah, keep it goin’, keep the beat flowin’, keep the beat flowin’
Keep it goin’, keep it goin’
Say less, say less

[Verse 2]
I got it lit as a bitch with a round
I could take a fifty out my bank account
I’m tryna get a couple niggas put in the ‘spital, I’ll pay that shit right now
Before I signed, I had dope around
I’m hot for real, I’m the talk of the town
Glocks and killers in a Sprinter, Fatt Fox puttin’ that bitch on the run right now

Alright, alright, yeah, alright
Alright, uh, alright, yeah, alright

Vanish Mode Lyrics – YTB Fatt

Vanish Mode

Ben Mari  prod by tony2loud.

Check Out   Vanish Mode by YTB Fatt. It Is A Brand New English Song Of YTB Fatt. Its Classy Lyrics Are Written By    YTB Fatt. Its Official Music Video Has Been Released On Aug 8, 2023. And Present On The YouTube Channel. And lyrics can be seen above here.

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