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Read The Lyrics WY@ Lyrics – Brent Faiyaz. Is Its Classy Lyrics Are Written By Brent Faiyaz. Is Its Official Music Video Has Been Released On  And Present On The YouTube Channel.

” Through for Real” by Brent Faiyaz is a soulful and introspective trace that delves into the difficulties of hunger, clay- mindfulness, and the struggles of fighting a enchanting yet poison association. The song explores the strain between understanding that a relation is bad and the spreading pull that keeps picturing the songster back. With a blend of Spanish interim and emotionally charged verses, Brent Faiyaz takes listeners on a trip of tone- discovery, blame, and the citation of the aftermaths of his address.

I be doing shit I really shouldn’t do for real
That’s why I always tell you come through for real
After this time I’ll be through for real
I be doing shit I really shouldn’t do for real
That’s why I always tell you come through for real
After this time I’ll be through for real

Explanation of chorus
The chorale serves as a moving burden, earning the nature of the inside discord. Brent Faiyaz openly admits to taking on in behavior he shouldn’t, creating a sense of susceptibility and tone- mindfulness. The reiteration of the plea to” come through for right” suggests a hankering for a genuine relation despite the knowledge that it might not be in his stylish interest. The idiom” After this occasion I will be through for real” adds a grade of decision to break up autonomous from the cycle of noxious address.

Voy a estar aquí para ti, para siempre
Te estoy esperando con mis piernas abiertas y mi corazón abierto
Me acuerdo de tu sabor en mi boca
Nadie me hace temblar como tú
Quiero que me comas como ese helado que tanto te gusta
Besitos, papi

Explanatin of Interlude
The gap introduces a bilingual factor, seamlessly transitioning into Spanish. It adds an intimate and lush touch to the ditty, creating a visual icon of drive and hunger. The use of Spanish idioms enhances the emotional depth and brings a alone artistic dimension to the history.

[Verse 1: Brent Faiyaz]
Even I know you ain’t no good for me
But you feel so good to me
Every time I come back, I try to leave
So how you end up back with me?
Oh (I don’t know)
This ain’t what I want, this is something else
Something that ain’t good for my health
I been searching but I can’t get no help
And I don’t feel like myself, oh

Explanation of Verse 1
Brent Faiyaz opens up about the conflicting emotions of being drawn to someone who is not good for him. The lyrics reflect a struggle between the allure of the person and the acknowledgment that the relationship is detrimental to his well-being. The repetition of “This ain’t what I want, this is something else” highlights the internal confusion and the realization that the connection goes beyond rational desires.

[Verse 2: Brent Faiyaz]
I can feel them walls closing
I can feel it all
I’m stuck in your claws
Try to run but I don’t get far
I’ma put some blame on me
Tryna take accountability
But you take on my ability
You’re the death of me and the remedy
I be doing too much

Explanation of verse 2
The new verse delves bottomless into the glowing unrest, describing the feeling of walls closing in and feeling trapped in the fascination of the relationship. Brent Faiyaz explores themes of blame and the internal battle between agreeing the negative impact of the relationship and succumbing to its infectious pull.

Through for right” stands out as a soulful and emotionally commanded track that combines English and Spanish rudiments to conduct the complications of craving and tone- discovery. Brent Faiyaz’s introspective lyrics and the beguiling air breed a compelling narrative that resonates with listeners on a particular and emotional echelon.

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