Yo Momma lyrics

Yo Momma lyrics Meaning & Facts by (Singles). you can watch this video on youtube
while the lyrics are written by BabyTron. The music track was released Date : October 27, 2023. 


Keep that shit, low-key, Tay
Yo’ mama this, yo’ mama that
Boy, fuck yo’ mama
Boy, yo’ mama breath smell like shit
Mm, yo’ mama feet smell like fish
Wow, yo’ mama feet smell like butt
And her butt smell like feet (You’re not making this easy, Kyle)

Yo’ mama so fuckin’ fat, she ain’t never seen the fuckin’ ground before
And your’s so fat, it take a week to get around the ho
Yo’ mama so broke, her wallet got a cast on it
Your’s got a belt that says, “The world’s eating champ” on it
If you are what you eat, then yo’ mama a sloppy Joe
Yo’ mama so stupid, grabbed a cough drop for a snotty nose
Yo’ mama so fat, might steal the snacks if ain’t nobody home

Hmm, you think you know something, don’t you?

Yo’ mama got assaulted with the ugly stick
Yo’ mama pissed me off, I’m finna punch this bitch, ha
Well, yo’ mama so ugly that her phone won’t let her take a selfie
Yo’ mama breath scorchin’, anything she say’ll melt me
Yeah, yeah, “Yo’ mama this, yo’ mama that”
All that playin’, I’ll have my mama kick yo’ mama ass
I’ll have my mama hawk her, better hope your mama fast
Hope you don’t forget to buy that ointment for yo’ mama rash
On Halloween, kids go and buy yo’ mama’s mask
Bet the block’ll have a celebration if yo’ mama passed
Your’s so fat, she sat down and tore the chair’s meniscus
Your’s so fat, might sell her soul for a pair of biscuits
With her fat, dumb, stupid, sloppy, nasty, retarded, ugly ass

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