Your Needs, My Needs Lyrics by Noah Kahan

Your Needs, My Needs Meaning & Facts By (Singles). You Can Watch This Video On YouTube While The Lyrics Are Written By Noah Kahan & Gabe Simon. The Music Track Was Released Date :Jun. 9, 2023

The lyrics appear to convey a sense of self-scrutiny, red-hot struggle, and reflection on a once relation or particular times. Let’s break it down

Explanation of Intro
In the dim light of soul-searching, these verses unfold like runners from a journal, revealing a trip through chords, unions, and tone- discovery.

Oh, well, who was I
Who was I to watch you wilt?
You ain’t gotta tell me what it means
Trace the outlines of your dreams
You’ll always be a flower on my skin
And the pain that I am in
Mm, it’s all the same
The losing touch, the waiting game
Cross that county line
I promise to be there this time

Explanation of Verse 1
The speaker reflects on their part in someone differently’s life, agreeing their impotence to help the other person’s suffering. The reference to tracing the outlines of dreams suggests an disquisition of the other person’s bournes The metaphor of being a flower on the speaker’s skin implies a lasting impact, and the pain they’re experiencing is described as familiar and universal.

You were a work of art
That’s the hardest part
Howlin’ like dogs in the light of the moon
Holdin’ our breath after 132
You asked me why I wasn’t sayin’ a word
I’m naming the stars in the sky after you
It was a work of art
That’s the hardest part

Explanation of Chorus
The chorus introduces the idea that the person being addressed was a “work of art,” emphasizing the difficulty in dealing with their absence. The howling like dogs in the light of the moon and holding their breath after 132 could symbolize intense emotions or moments of tension. Naming the stars in the sky after the person indicates a deep connection and a way of immortalizing them.

To spiral out, to try and float
To see a friend, to see a ghost
Bitter-brained, always drunk
Rail-thin, Zoloft
Subtle changе, shorter days
Dead-eyеd, dead weight
Your life, your dreams
Your mind, your needs
My needs
Your needs, my needs

Explanation of  Bridge
The bridge introduces a list of contrasting elements, such as spiraling out and trying to float, seeing a friend and seeing a ghost. This could represent the chair’s internal struggles and clashing feelings. The citation of Zoloft, a drug frequently used for depression, suggests a internal health aspect to the account.

Spiral out, try and float
See a friend, see a ghost
To see a ghost, see a ghost
See a ghost

Explanation of  Outro
OutroThe outro repeats the idea of twisting out and seeing a ghost. It could indicate a continued struggle with open issues or recollections that hang the speaker.

The lyrics paint a picture of emotional complexity, particular challenges, and the continuing impact of a significant relationship. The use of pictorial imagery and tropical language adds depth to  the depiction of passions and gests .

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